Cali Sober THC Mocktails Now at Total Wine & More in Texas!

Hey, Texas crew! We've got some major news to drop – Cali Sober THC mocktails are officially in the house at all Total Wine & More stores across the Lone Star State! Get ready to ride the wave of relaxation and good vibes with these totally legal, THC-infused drinks that are about to become your new obsession.

Dallas, Vibe with Us:Bishop Arts Wellness Crawl Recap

Dallas, get ready to vibe with us as we recap our epic Wellness Crawl in Bishop Arts on January 21st! Cali Sober was one of the proud sponsors of this event, and we're thrilled to share all the exciting details with you.

Reflecting on the Cali Sober Journey Through Dry January

Reflecting on the Cali Sober Journey Through Dry January Hey, fam! Let’s take a chill moment to recap what went down during Dry January – it was nothing short of epic for the cannabis scene! A Shift in Vibes With the green light spreading across more states, cannabis brands seized the opportunity to connect with…

Cali Sober's Nashville Debut: THC-Infused Mocktail Launch Recap!

Nashville, we just landed, and we’re about to spill all the deets on our epic launch bash! We rolled through Green Hills, dropped some good vibes at Killjoy and Cork Dorks with a dope drink tasting, and brought those THC-infused mocktail flavors to Third Coast Comedy. Clara Jane was in the mix, hooking peeps up…

A Cali Sober Approach to the Ultimate Dry January Experience

Yo, Cali Sober fam! Let’s take a deep dive into Dry January, unpack the meaning behind the "new year, new you" resolution, and explore the laid-back Cali Sober lifestyle that's revolutionizing the game. Grab a THC-infused drink, get comfy, and let's ride the wave of clarity together.

Cali Sober Presents Ranch Water - A 5mg THC-Infused Oasis of Chill

Prepare to dive headfirst into a pool of tranquility as we introduce our latest concoction – Ranch Water. This 5mg THC-infused oasis is set to redefine your chill game, taking you on a journey to hemp ranches that stretch as far as the eye can see. It's not just a drink; it's a laid-back expedition, crafted with care, a touch of THC, and, of course, zero tequila.

Best Gifts For The Stoner in Your Life

Yo, Cali Sober Crew! As we embark on the season of giving and good vibes, we've crafted the ultimate stoner gift guide to add a touch of elevated brilliance to your cannabis celebrations. Whether you're shopping for the seasoned enthusiast or introducing a newcomer to the world of green, our curated list combines the best of The Strategist, Esquire, and the signature flair of Cali Sober's THC-infused mocktails. So, roll one up, sit back, and let's explore the top 20 gifts that promise to enhance your smoking experience and take your holiday festivities to new heights.

Introducing Cali Sober's New THC-Infused Paloma Spritz

Buckle up because Cali Sober is about to drop the hottest concoction in town – the Paloma Spritz, a 5mg THC-infused Paloma mocktail that's poised to revolutionize your chill game. Picture this: a fizzy, grapefruit extravaganza that's like a full-blown party in a can. Get ready to embark on a flavor journey that will transport you to the ultimate citrus paradise.

THC Mocktail Recipes To Level Up Your Cali Sober Game

Fellow Cali Sober peeps! If you're all about the mindful, no-booze lifestyle but still crave those chill vibes, you've gotta get into THC mocktails. These babies are the bomb when it comes to elevating your Cali Sober experience. So, let's dive into the world of THC mocktails and see how they can take your chill game to a whole new level.

Where to Buy THC-Infused Drinks in Dallas, Texas

Join us as we uncover the exciting world of THC-infused beverages right here in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, courtesy of Cali Sober – your gateway to the finest in THC-infused delight. Let's delve into what makes Cali Sober the talk of the town in Dallas, where relaxation meets refinement.

Nashville's THC-Infused Beverage Paradise: Unveil the Cali Sober Experience

Join us as we explore the captivating world of THC-infused beverages right here in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, courtesy of Cali Sober – your portal to the finest in THC-infused indulgence. Let's delve into what makes Cali Sober the talk of the town in Nashville, where relaxation meets refinement.

THC-Infused Drinks in Michigan: Discovering the Cali Sober Experience

It's time to shine a spotlight on the epic world of THC-infused drinks right here in the Mitten State with Cali Sober – your go-to destination for some next-level THC goodness. Get ready to dive deep into what makes Cali Sober the buzzworthy sensation it is in Michigan.

THC Drinks in Las Vegas: Elevate Your Sin City Experience with Cali Sober

Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, world-class casinos, and endless entertainment options. But there's a new sensation in town that's ready to take your Vegas experience to a whole new level – Cali Sober, your ultimate destination for THC-infused drinks. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of relaxation and elevated vibes as we explore the THC drink scene right here in Las Vegas.

Discover THC Seltzer in Minneapolis with Cali Sober Hemp Infused Drinks

Minneapolis, the vibrant jewel of the North Star State, is known for its beautiful lakes, diverse culture, and a bustling arts scene. But there's a new player in town that's ready to enhance your Minneapolis experience – Cali Sober, the go-to spot for THC-infused seltzer aficionados. Get ready to explore the world of relaxation and elevated vibes as we dive into the THC seltzer scene right here in the heart of Minneapolis.

Crafting Elevated Vibes: The Art of Crafting THC-Infused Mocktails

If you've been on the lookout for a next-level experience that's all about crafting your own elevated vibes, you're in for a treat. We're diving into the magical world of THC-infused mocktails, where creativity and cannabis collide in the most delicious and buzz-worthy way possible. So, get ready to learn the art of concocting these liquid masterpieces and taking your sipping game to a whole new high!

Do Hemp Infused Drinks Give You a Buzz?

So, you've stumbled upon this page, probably with thoughts like, "Do these hemp-infused drinks really do anything?" Well, hold my Cali Sober and watch me dive into what hemp-infused drinks are all about!

THC-Infused Drinks: A Deep Dive into How Long the Good Times Last

Cali Sober fam! 🌿 You've probably dabbled in the world of THC-infused drinks - it's the ultimate way to chill without going overboard. But you might be wondering, "How long is this party gonna last?" Don't worry, we got you covered in this article where we break down how long those THC-infused drink highs can last.

THC Seltzers in Massachusetts

Hey there, homies in Massachusetts! Welcome to the world of Cali Sober, where we're all about embracing elevated vibes and bringing you the finest THC drinks in town. Get ready to take your sipping game to new heights as we introduce you to our unique elixirs that are sure to enhance your cannabis experience.

Cali Sober: The New THC Seltzer Sensation in Minnesota

Welcome to the ultimate THC Seltzer destination in the great state of Minnesota, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on a journey of elevated relaxation with Cali Sober, the masters of hemp-derived THC-infused seltzers. We're here to take your sipping game to new heights and cater to your thirst for exceptional THC drinks in Minnesota.

Unleashing the California Sober Vibe: Get Lit with CBD Mocktails

Welcome to the world of California Sober, where wellness and relaxation reign supreme. And guess what? We've got the perfect way to level up your chilling game—CBD mocktails! So, grab your favorite strains, roll one up, and let's explore how CBD mocktails can take your vibes to a whole new level.