Reflecting on the Cali Sober Journey Through Dry January

Hey, fam! Let's take a chill moment to recap what went down during Dry January - it was nothing short of epic for the cannabis scene!

A Shift in Vibes

With the green light spreading across more states, cannabis brands seized the opportunity to connect with January abstainers, rolling out new products and spreading those good vibes far and wide.

We saw a major shift in vibes as more and more Americans under 25 embraced the start-of-year detox with a Cali Sober twist - opting for cannabis over alcohol. It's like the ultimate vibe upgrade!

Spiking Weed Sales and Decline in Alcohol Sales

And you know what's even cooler? In places where cannabis is legal, January witnessed a major spike in weed sales, setting the stage for a Cali Sober revolution!

But wait, there's more! While weed sales soared, alcohol sales took a nosedive, especially in places where cannabis is legalized. It's like the liquor industry felt the full force of those January vibes, man!

Matt Darin, CEO of Curaleaf Holdings Inc., noticed a rad trend - peeps who skipped the booze for January were turning to cannabis instead. It's all about those positive choices, right?

Rising Interest in Dry January

And guess what? Dry January blew up on Google Trends, with more and more peeps searching for ways to ditch the booze and embrace a healthier vibe for the new year. Talk about major vibes!

Since 2016, we've seen a serious shift in mindset, with younger peeps saying no to alcohol and yes to cannabis. It's like a whole new world of possibilities opening up!

In terms of cash flow, big-name cannabis companies saw some serious growth, especially during January. States like Oregon were buzzing with cannabis sales, setting the tone for a Cali Sober revolution!

Wake-Up Call for the Alcohol Industry

Meanwhile, the beer industry felt the heat, with annual volumes on the decline since Canada gave the green light to weed. It's like a wake-up call for the alcohol scene, you know?

But hey, federal legalization of cannabis in the US is still up in the air, despite the shifting attitudes and vibes. It's like we're on the brink of something big, waiting for that moment when cannabis gets the green light nationwide.

The perception of cannabis is evolving, with more peeps seeing it as a chill alternative to alcohol. With its long history of medical use, cannabis is gaining traction as a go-to for those seeking a healthier vibe.

Beyond Alcohol: Embracing Cali Sober Alternatives

And for those who want to keep it Cali Sober, our lineup of THC-infused mocktails offers a refreshing twist. With low calories and low sugar, our mocktails are the perfect way to elevate your vibe without the hangover. Indulge in our current three flavors: Paloma Spritz, Ranch Water, and Berry Ginger Fizz. They're not just drinks; they're experiences crafted for the Cali Sober lifestyle.

So, as February rolls in, let's keep those vibes alive, fam! Dry January may be over, but the Cali Sober revolution is just getting started. Let's keep riding this wave and spreading those good vibes wherever we go! 🌿✨

source: Bloomberg

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