Cali Sober's Nashville Debut: THC-Infused Mocktail Launch Recap!

Nashville, we just landed, and we're about to spill all the deets on our epic launch bash! We rolled through Green Hills, dropped some good vibes at Killjoy and Cork Dorks with a dope drink tasting, and brought those THC-infused mocktail flavors to Third Coast Comedy. Clara Jane was in the mix, hooking peeps up left and right. The weekend was packed with hangs, laughs, and nothing but Cali Sober energy – let's break it all down!

Killjoy and Cork Dorks:

First stop, we rolled into Killjoy and the stoke level was excellent. We kicked it with Goody and Stephanie and it was a total vibe. After that we rolled up to Cork Dorks in Green Hills which was very on point. We met some new homies and hooked them up with the deliciousness that is Cali Sober.

Third Coast Comedy Takeover:

Next up, we hit the Third Coast Comedy club for a wild night of laughs. Sean P, our hype AF content director, was front and center, hooking up the crowd with those Cali Sober cans. The comedy scene got an upgrade as peeps enjoyed the show with a side of that THC-infused goodness. Laughter and Cali Sober – a match made in heaven.

Community Love:
Beyond just dropping the tastiest THC infused mocktailst, we're all about that community connection. Nashville, you showed us mad love, and we're stoked to be part of the scene. Cali Sober is about bringing people together for good times, and Nashville, you're feeling the vibe!

What's Next:
With Nashville in Brandi’s rearview, Cali Sober's eyes are set on more epic adventures. The buzz is real, and we're ready to take this party to new heights. The fam in Nashville brought the energy – where to next, you ask? The future is looking lit for Cali Sober as we redefine the social scene, one THC-infused mocktail at a time.

Nashville, you were the spot! Cali Sober's launch event was off the charts – tastings, comedy, surprise giveaways – we did it all. Big shoutout to the peeps who showed love. The journey is just starting, and we're amped to keep the party rolling. Cheers to Cali Sober and the crew for making waves and bringing the good vibes wherever we go!

Where to Buy THC Hemp Infused Drinks in Nashville?

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